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In Search of... Team Tucson!

Trad Jazz Lovers Wanted!

I have to admit, it took us a little longer than we would have liked to get to this stage... but we're proud to announce that, with our work lives more or less established here in Tucson, JPJQ is finally ready to start the search for our new team!

We've played with some of the most amazing musicians in the Pacific Northwest, and now we're excited to see who the sunny Southwest will bring to us!


JPJQ (The Julia Pinckney Jones Quartet) brings you "Swing Favorites and Favorites that Swing" thanks to our wonderful bassist and arranger, Adam Jones, who delights in finding new (old) interpretations of some of our favorite hits and yours in an energetic dixie-influenced traditional jazz style - and YOU can get in on the fun!

We're looking for a guitarist (or a pianist) and a drummer to complete our quartet. We frequently add a horn or two to the group, but for smaller gigs we need these players to be comfortable holding down the rhythm section and also taking some sweet solos. We want to make a great impression when we start playing around town, so expect a few rehearsals before we actually start gigging.

There are a few people we're considering, and we look forward to getting together to jam with them in the next few weeks (to see how well we fit together) but we know that there's a huge music community in Tucson, and we've only met a small fraction of them... so if you (or someone you know) seems to fit the bill, send it our way!

We look forward to hearing from you (and to hearing you play)!

We expect to finalize the lineup by the beginning of March, and we'll be able to start booking gigs (hopefully) by May!


Contact Us: (for more information or to set up a jam)!

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