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JPJQ is on the Move! (again)

I suppose it shouldn't come as too much of a shock to those who know me.

I've often joked about the fact that between birth and age 18 I moved exactly twice (only once that I remember) and from 18-30 I moved about 28 times. I'm a little bit of a gypsy at heart, and since I also love the sunshine, 10 years in the Pacific Northwest (first in Vancouver BC then in Portland OR) seemed like a long time to be stuck in the rain.

We started this band in Vancouver, reformed it in Portland, and have had a great deal of success through a lot of hard work and a little luck! We are sad to leave our friends behind again as we move and start over in the sunshine of Tucson, Arizona, but we're so excited about the opportunities that a new beginning can bring!

As of today, we're settling into our new home, waiting for the rest of our gear to come via a combination of Greyhound and our movers, and we're looking forward to meeting the musicians that will fill the ranks of JPJQ Team Tucson!

We'll keep you updated as we find personnel and gigs, and for those of you who have come to look forward to seeing us up and down the West Coast, don't be too sad - we're already planning a tour for next summer to visit all our "old haunts!"

Stay tuned!

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