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The new album by JPJQ is full of lovely surprises! Julia Pinckney's tribute to her mother is touching and showcased in the sweetest song "I Want Love." Julia shines in this song! The album has some interesting arrangements that you don't expect, such as Sweet Dreams - fun and irresistible! The musicians that are showcased are all top-notch and enjoyable to listen to.... It's hard to pick just one favourite off of this album but the "Goodnight, Sleep Tight Medley" is charming.

-Dawn-Marie Duncan, Radio Host FM92.5 “The X” Kamloops

I just listened to ... I Want Love and believe that this is an enjoyable collection of unique singing, playing and inventive arrangements.  For example, “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This),” has a brilliant phrasing of the melody set to an exceptional feel.  The ensemble sounds great and [Pinckney Jones' singing is fantastic.  Overall, the project is very professional in sound and the music is cohesive and very enjoyable. 

-Jeff Williams, Kari-On Productions & Publicity

This album is action packed and dialed right in to the jazz lover's heart. It's swinging, soulful and exciting. The familiar jazz standards through the first half of the album are adapted well and place the bar high. Bassist Adam Jones' arrangements are meticulous and subtle, embodying jazz while creating counter-melodies that reveal that this is not just any old ragtag jazz band, but a highly efficient jazz machine, that has soul.

Throughout, Pinckney-Jones' vocals swing as hard as I've ever heard a jazz singer do. Her feel for the depth of the pocket is unparalleled. The fresh take on cover song "Sweet Dreams" is a nice surprise and whole lot of fun. The title track "I Want Love" is a clever bossa song written by her recently departed mother, pianist and composer, Joyce Pinckney. The album features many of Joyce's compositions.

[Also] Standing out is "Tears of Sorrow" [by Timothy Benton Roark], a soulful and bluesy song on which Pinckney Jones stretches out her vocal chops and maximizes the emotion and depth. Truly impressive. The duet between vocalist Julia and bassist Adam on "My Baby Just Cares for Me" is magical; a perfectly complementary duet. The marriage between their voices exemplifies their real-life romantic chemistry, transcending into their musicianship and partnership.

Just when you think you have figured out what the album is about they bust out with a wild swing cover of Steve Miller Band's "Rock'n Me," an exquisite arrangement which included horns. Hearing the texture of the trumpet emerge made my ears happy and made my face get all smiley. Immediately following is an energy charged dixieland version of Jelly Roll Morton's tune "Milenburg Joys" utilizing the horns to create that multi-improvisational effect that makes dixieland so joyful to hear.

"Goodnight, Sleep Tight Medley" presents another unique and noteworthy arrangement from Adam Jones. The men in the band have an opportunity to sing in a cascading chorus reminiscent of a musical's overlapping voices. My only wish here was to have a chance to hear each singer individually at some point, before building to the overlapping section. This album offers so much though that my ears may just be getting greedy. The album wraps up with classic "Stormy Weather" done up super bluesy. When the band strays away like this from the traditional jazz sound into a 12/8 style of power ballad, organ ringing through, it wins the award for soul in my books. You can feel every note deep inside your heart.

I was fortunate enough to attend the Vancouver CD Release Party on June 23 2016. The live show was spectacular and the band sounded so tight. Wonderful when a band can bring it onstage like they do on the record, and vice versa. Go buy this album and go see them live. Highly recommended.

-Anita Eccleston, musician and music blogger

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