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Album Credits

If your name is on this page, we couldn't have done it without you!

Indiegogo Contributors



Super Fans

Patrick & Patricia Carey,  Sarah Crim, Trudy Jaskela, Scott Jones,

T Benton Roark,  R David Sager, Ami Stevens


Shannon Cian, Anita Eccleston,  Cherylyn Feierabend, Alison Gorman, Bill & Candace Graham,

Chris & Elda Havlin, Brian Jones, Linda Kercher Ross, Kathryn Marquis, Nancy Nesbitt, Lynda Nugent,

Donna Ramsbottom, Margaret Springett, Sharon Trottier, Elda Ward


Nicholette Anand, Monica Corry, Patricia (Barb) Donnelly, Georgina Sacre, Valerie Scott,

Ammar Sedghi, Jonathan Sykes, Jodi VanBrunt, Roger C Walker II, Arlene Williams

Album Credits


Julia Pinckney Jones

Julia Pinckney Jones Vocals

Andrew R Smith

Andrew R Smith Guitar; Vocals on Sweet Dreams & Goodnight, Sleep Tight

Adam R Jones

Adam R Jones Bass; Vocals on Sweet Dreams and Goodnight, Sleep Tight

Max Ley

Max Ley Drums; Vocals on Sweet Dreams and Goodnight, Sleep Tight

Timothy Benton Roark

Timothy Benton Roark Organ on Tears of Sorrow & Stormy Weather

Adam R Jones

All arrangements by Adam R Jones

Ellen Marple

Ellen Marple Trombone on Rock'n Me & Milenberg Joys

Jeremy Vint

Jeremy Vint Trumpet on Rock'n Me, Milenberg Joys & Goodnight, Sleep Tight. Vocals on Goodnight, Sleep Tight

And Huge Thanks to

Recording Engineer: Tom Dobrzanski
Mixing Engineer: Elisa Pangsaeng
Mastering Engineer: Scot Wallace
Photographer: Chad Verigin
Album Art Designer: Mark Schoening

I Want Love was Recorded and Mixed at Monarch Studios Vancouver, BC

Finally, of course, my mom, Joyce Marilyn Pinckney. I love you and miss you every day and hope you like the record.  We promise to always play "seven more."

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