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Splitting their time and talents between the Pacific Northwest and Arizona, JPJQ is anchored by Vocalist Julia Pinckney Jones and Bassist/Arranger Adam R Jones. 


Specializing in cross-genre, post-modern interpretations of popular songs and anthemic hits of the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s, JPJQ pairs new arrangements in vintage styles with polished and tested classic Jazz. 

Julia Pinckney Jones

Julia started singing classic jazz with her family at about age 12. After a lengthy detour through light opera, musical theatre, top 40, hard rock, disco, alt-country, R&B, reggae and neo-soul, she has taken all the best from her eclectic career and brought it back home. JPJQ feels like that joyful homecoming.

In addition to heading up the JPJQ, Julia is a featured vocalist in Martin Henry and Freedom Street Band in Portland, and the Benton Roark Band in Vancouver, BC.

Vocalist (Team Portland & Vancouver, founding member)

Adam Jones

Adam R Jones defies description. An accomplished bassist/conductor/composer/arranger and music educator, his enthusiasm and good humour (and bad jokes) are a central force for JPJQ. We're lucky to have him!

In 2014-15 alone, Adam soloed with the West Coast Symphony, arranged Metallica for string trio, jammed with Y'all-ternative band Rollaway in Newfoundland, completed a degree in Bass Performance, put on a show of original compositions with the Mackenzie Jones Big Band, and arranged JPJQ's debut album. 

Bass/Arranger, (Team Portland & Vancouver, founding member)

Timothy VanCleave

Since childhood Timothy has always been infatuated by sound and rhythm. He brings a wide range of musical influence and experience to the group. In addition to playing drums with JPJQ he has shared the stage with the Ethos Collective, Fringe Percussion, and Vancouver New Music. 

We're thrilled to be collaborating with Timothy. His dry wit and laid-back attitude, and musical versatility made him an easy choice to join "Team Portland!"

Drums/Vibes (Team Portland)

Alex Margitich

Well, it took us a little while to find exactly the right person, but we're proud to announce that Alex will be taking over as JPJQ's Team Portland Guitarist. We're thrilled to be working with him!

Guitar, Team Portland

Andrew R Smith

JPJQ began with morning jam sessions featuring Mr. Smith, and his amazingly nuanced feel for JPJQ's "old-timey jazz" has made its mark on JPJQ's sound and direction. Without him, there might never have been a JPJQ!

A multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, composer and producer, Andrew's work is regularly featured on national radio and television. In addition to his work with JPJQ, Andrew is featured in such ensembles as the Sweetpea Swing Band, the Electric Monks, and Anita Eccleston Jazz.

Guitar & Vocals (Team Vancouver, Founding Member)

Max Ley (pronounced "Lee" not "Lay"!)

Max's enthusiasm and amazing drumming (not to mention his great taste in wine) completes the quartet in a wonderful way. When he's not working with JPJQ, Max is well-known to Vancouver music fans as part of No Island.

We've worked with several terrific drummers, but the combination of Max's talent, his warm and always positive personality, and the fact that he and Julia can be secret theatre nerds together makes him the one we're always excited to return home to!

Drums (Team Vancouver)

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Julia's vocals are an unapologetic departure from the smoky voiced female jazz crooners of the modern era, with a sound that is influenced as much by Aretha as by Ella or Billie.


JPJQ's blend of tradition, ingenuity and joyful noise will keep audiences humming and tapping their feet, and maybe feeling a little tug on their heartstrings into the bargain.







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