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JPJQ Hits The Road!

Get Your Motor Runnin'...

One of the very best things about being a musician (in my opinion, anyway) is touring. There's nothing like getting out on the road with the band, with no distractions, making music together every night, for making a band into a well oiled machine. Older tunes tighten up, new ones get polished and the band starts to develop that "psychic connection" where everybody knows what the other guy is going to do next.

Not to mention that I love taking road trips with my friends, which is also a big part of going on the road with a band! It feels a little like summer camp, but with marginally less "short sheeting" of beds and, and significantly more wine (certainly more wine than my summer camp experience - I can't speak for the guys)!

Tour Announcement! (Yay!)

JPJQ has done a number of road trips to play gigs, but since Adam & I have been so busy setting up our teaching practice the last couple of years, so far they've mostly been day trips. We're super-excited to announce "sleepaway" tour in awhile - and it's happening this Memorial Day Weekend!

We'll be heading down to the southern edge of Oregon to play our first 2 dates in the Ashland area, separated by a return engagement at The Jazz Station in Eugene!

We're thrilled to be featuring Timothy Van Cleave back on the kit (after a triumph on vibes this past week at Territorial Vineyards), as well as the piano stylings of Leo Bae on this tour - it's always a great time playing with him, and we look forward to gigs in the Eugene area, since that's home to him right now as he completes his masters at U of O!

....For a Limited Time Only!

As you may know, JPJQ has been celebrating the anniversary of "I Want Love" throughout last month, by offering the album (CD or download) at 50% off! We're extending the promotion until the end of May, exclusively on our website, so visit us and get your copy now, before time runs out!

(Hint: You can get a great deal on our album if you attend one of our gigs, too!)

More to come!

June is shaping up to be a great month for JPJQ as well - we've already booked a gig in Bend at Northside Bar & Grill, and then at the end of the month, we'll be bringing in the horns again for another Happy Hour Swing show at the Secret Society in Portland!

We're so happy to know that our friends, fans and families are all behind us, cheering us on, and supporting us by actually coming to our shows whenever we play nearby enough for you to attend - and we hope to continue expanding our touring until we play for ALL of you!

You can help us spread the word by sharing, commenting on, and "liking" our posts, by responding to our shows either on our Facebook Page or on our website, by taking photos at our shows and tagging us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook (@jpjqjazz) - you all know what to do!

And, of course, you can support us by actually booking JPJQ (or the trio, or JPJQ +2) to play your event, party, house concert, club, winery, wedding... just contact us!

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