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New Video! Free Show! New (old) Tunes!

First things first: The new video!

This is the second in our series of "Stump the Arranger" Videos. Our dear friend Michael Victor bought two of these perks, and asked Adam to arrange some of his original songs - we were thrilled! This one was particularly fun: we were able to fit in a rehearsal (and video session) of it while we were in Vancouver getting ready for our CD release party there, and while it took me a minute to get it all formatted and ready for YouTube, here it is! The next one should be coming soon!

I apologize for the fact that not everybody is very visible (and, in fact, Andrew is not visible at all in the video) but I'd already sent the other guys home so a music stand was the best we could do for a "camera guy." Things to remember for next time, I guess!!!

Now, what's this you say about a free show???

Thanks to an amazing woman we worked with through the Teaching Artists' Studio last year, we were recommended for a show at the Gresham Center for the Arts' summer concert series: Music Mondays. Thank you so much, Cindy, for the hookup! Anyway, every summer the Gresham Arts Center hosts free concerts at the Center for the Arts Plaza (out on the lawn, BYOchair or blanket and picnic as desired!) every Monday from 6:30-8pm.

This coming Monday, August 15th, JPJQ will be filling that bill, and we have a great lineup of musicians and songs for you - you may even get to see one or two of them in video form in the upcoming weeks!

Performing in JPJQ Team Portland this time around will be Julia and Adam (natch), Timothy VanCleave on drums, and the amazing David Kim on piano. He's such a great player, and very sensitive to singers (which, as you can imagine, makes me like him a whole lot) and we're lucky to have him on board! We're doing one more rehearsal this Friday to get everything polished up for you, and then we'll see you Monday!

Please feel free to help us promote this show - I still don't have too many contacts in "the biz" in Portland, so if you feel like sharing this around, I'd greatly appreciate it! Visit the Facebook Event Page or the Gresham Arts Center Page for more info!

And new (old) music? What does that mean?

Gosh, I'm glad you asked! Well, for our upcoming gig(s) we're working on expanding our setlist... not that the songs on the cd aren't wonderful (they are) and not that we're tired of playing our old set lists (because we're totally not - I LOVE that stuff) but because we've been having so much fun playing the new Adam Jones arrangements that our contributors requested that we decided to do even more of them! We looked back at our original lists of ideas for songs we might arrange for the record, and there were quite a few that we still really liked the idea of performing, so Adam's been burning the midnight oil to get them all ready for you on Monday!

Some of the tunes are actual trad jazz, but most of them are our takes on much more modern songs - see if we do one of your faves! (That's the (old) part!)

Anything else new?

In addition to all that, we've got some really exciting things in the pipeline for this Fall/Winter - some new merch, eclectic gigs, probably even a little bit of touring - so stay tuned and don't miss a thing! Please sign up for our mailing list, "Like" our Facebook page, and "Subscribe" to our YouTube Channel!

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