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Jimbo's Lullaby on "B***H TAPES"

So... a few weeks before we left on our big trip(s) this summer, I saw a link to submit original songs to be considered for the color-fully named "B***H TAPES*" compilation.

Basically, the requirements were very simple - it had to be music you had the rights to, and the music had to have been written by and/or performed by a "female-identified" person, preferably from the Northwest. And I thought to myself, "As it happens, I have the rights to this material, and I am totally a female-identified, girly-girl from the Northwest who has a band! I didn't expect much of anything - I figured submitting a trad-jazz style tune was kind of a long shot, but what the heck, right? So I submitted Jimbo's Lullaby, and promptly forgot all about it!

Anyway, what should happen not 3 days after arriving in Tucson but I get an email from the selection (committee? person? I don't know...) that said that they loved the song (which, of course, makes me predisposed to think they have amazing taste!) and wanted to include it on the Fall Mixtape.

Which makes the whole thing even more fun - it's actually a mixtape! Like an honest-to-God cassette tape! I love it - I mean if vinyl can come back, why not cassettes, right? (Note to self: go to a thrift store and buy a tape deck before my copy arrives.)

I don't know whether I will be able to actually attend the release show (it's going to be held in Vancouver, BC in November) but I encourage anyone in Vancouver who's available to attend. All proceeds of the concert (and the tape) are going to support the Downtown East Side Women's Shelter, so it's a very good cause!

I don't know for sure what Mom would think about having one of her songs featured on a "B***H TAPE." But I bet she'd be pretty thrilled, although I'd equally put money on her trying to convince them to change the name. (And I'd give her even odds of succeeding - that woman could get almost anybody to do almost anything!) I, for one, am super excited about it! The more people who know what a great songwriter Mom was, the better!

Thanks for the opportunity! And I do hope I'm able to attend - but if I can't, who do you think I should get to go in my stead?

*...just in case any of my students are reading this, I thought I'd self-edit. The asterisks are all mine!

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