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Hi, Portland, We're Home!

On (and off) The Road

We started the month with one more great "road trip" gig in Bend, OR. What an amazing time! Adam and I headed out on Tuesday morning, on what may be the most beautiful Oregon drive we've ever had! We spent the first couple of hours making jokes about all the deer crossing signs, followed by the last 45 minutes congratulating ourselves for having avoided hitting the deer that wandered out onto the road in front of us. See, the problem is that the deer can't actually read the signs that tell them where they should cross. We arrived in Bend and checked into our hotel before heading out to the venue.

Northside Bar & Grill in Bend was one of those "unexpectedly awesome" places that I always have the best memories of on every road trip I take. As we got into the right neighborhood, we were passing gas stations that, in addition to all your regular varieties, included super high-test gas for race cars and leaded fuel for vintage muscle cars. The club itself is tucked into an industrial complex, and when we arrived it looked like your quintessential "biker bar" - good, cheap beer and food, with a nice sized stage and light show, but not exactly the place where you'd expect to see a jazz band.

But then, about 6pm, they put lovely wine-colored tablecloths on all the tables, laid out the candles, and transformed the place into a sweet jazz venue, where we met some great dancers, who kept the party hoppin' all night!

After the gig we hit up JC's for another drink and some late night $1 tacos... it was the perfect night, and I didn't want to go home!


Our Next Gig (Here's to you, PDX!)

But.... we did head back to Portland the next day - back to work and preparing for our next gig, which, we're thrilled to announce, is right here at home!

Friday, June 30, JPJQ +2 (featuring Jeromie Clark on Trombone and Katie Presley on Trumpet) will be playing at The Secret Society (116 NE Russell St) for their Happy Hour Swing! It's hot outside, but the jazz will be SOOOO Cool!

We had a rehearsal on Monday and everything sounds sweet - a few new arrangements from Adam and all the faves to keep you out on the dance floor! We're also thrilled that this venue allows all ages until 8pm, so our students can come and check out what we all do when we're not busy teaching them! Under 16 gets free admission, and "grownups" only have to pay $6 admission - what a bargain for a great show!


JPJQ "Merch" Additions

We've also made a few additions and tweaks to our cute-as-a-button "Merch Basket," which I converted from a sweet sewing basket I found at Goodwill (even happened to be just the right color!)

In addition to our I Want Love CDs ($15) and Download Cards ($10 - or you can get both: a CD and a download for $20), we have:

-Autographed tour posters ($5, signed by the band)

-Stickers (2 for $1) and

-Fridge Magnets ($1 each).

But that's not all! We just got my current favorite new item, the JPJQ Jazz Bear ($10).

He's a-freaking-dorable, but he's only available in limited quantities... for now! If we sell out on Friday, you can still order one. As soon as I get more (probably in a week or two), I'll personally bring it to you. I'm not even keeping one for myself - yet!

You can get the CDs and Downloads right here,

but the rest is only available at our live shows! While you're there, check out our '16 Yearbook - filled with great JPJQ photos and memories!

Oh, ok, if you insist... send me a message if you want me to send you a bear or some stickers/fridge magnets and we'll figure out a way to work it out!


Stay tuned.... there's always

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