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The "Fourth" Was With Us!

Veni, vidi, vino... I came, I saw, I drank some wine...

and played a little jazz with some AMAZING musicians).

The Album Release at Vie de Boheme on May 4th was really great... a success only qualified by the fact that there were some empty seats in the house - but all things considered, a pretty great Wednesday evening's worth of Jazz! We got, thanks to Ivan Johnson Photography, some really wonderful promotional shots, and between CD sales and cover charge, we actually came out ahead (which we totally weren't expecting)!

Audience response was great on the night, and response to the album has been positive as well (so far, so good)! The actual CDs look great, and I'm very proud of them - of course I've found a few typos that I have to live with, and being the non-visual thinker that I am, I forgot to think 3-dimensionally, and neglected to print anything on the spine of the CD case. Of course that is a problem that is easily solved through the magic of stickers, so every CD comes with a little "arts and crafts" project! (No extra charge!)

CDs Ready to Ship!

Of course there has to be one fly in the ointment, and that seems to be that the US Postal service is really not working with me to ship CDs to all our Canadian CD Perk buying Indiegogo Supporters... But everything's all ready to go, and I have a plan in place. So if you bought a perk that includes a CD/Signed CD with note, etc, you will be receiving your prize SOON!

For everybody else for whom just a digital download isn't enough (and blessings upon you, consumers of physical media and appreciators of the hours and hours I spent on the packaging design) as soon as I finish this blog post I'm going to figure out how to sell the physical CDs from this site. There will be some shipping fees, but I think I can keep it under control!

Oh, yeah, and...

Get Your Downloads Here!

When I get that all up and running, I'll also be enabling paid digital downloads from this site as well. Which means that if I owed you a free download and you didn't get it yet, you're out of luck... NO! That's not what I meant at all! If you still have a free download coming, just send me an email and I'll send you a download code from CDBaby. Simple as that!

OK, so... Release Party... CDs... Downloads... I guess that's it for today! Happy Website Updating Day from JPJQ in Portland!

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