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First "Stump The Arranger" Video!

As of about a week ago, I finally finished this video of us playing Scott Jones' request, "Angel's Wings" (originally by Social Distortion). We have more on the way, since we got a chance to run through Mike Victor's two (count 'em, TWO) requests at our rehearsal in Vancouver this week. Other than that, this month has been all about getting

ready for our big show at the Fox Cabaret, which is happening in only 2 more days! I'm pumped, and if the rehearsals are anything to go by, the show is going to be great! And there's still time to get your advance tickets for only $10 at!

Adam and Julia are both playing as part of the "Rollaway AllStars" in addition to JPJQ, and Julia is even doing a guest appearance in the Jen Lewin Band - it's old home week in Vancouver for sure, and despite a bit of a tired voice after a day full of awesome rehearsals (and possibly a few too many adult beverages) yesterday, Julia is feeling ready for the big night!

If you're in the Vancouver area, make sure to come out this Thursday night to see the big show... and if you're not, we hope to have lots of pictures and videos to share!

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