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My First Album On iTunes!

JPJQ's Album on iTunes

Honestly, I don't know what makes it such a big deal... but it totally is!

I've been excited at every step of this pro-cess but somehow this really seems like an important "finish line" - even though I know that it didn't just "appear" here - I arranged it through CDBaby, and paid them to submit it and everything.

But iTunes has become such a "fixture" in our lives, and in the way we experience music in the 21st Century. Having my little album project available on iTunes, when I never really envisioned myself as someone who would ever have an "Album Project" at all - makes me feel like I've arrived, somehow.

I still consider myself mostly a live performer... I deeply love the chances I have to make that direct person to person connection that only happens in a live show, but still... this is a surprisingly big deal for me!

And knowing that Mom's music is now available to the big world - that's a big deal too. I know she would be so unbelievably thrilled to see her songs on iTunes (even though she might not be sure how to download them... she'd probably just wait for me to send her a CD!)

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