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Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we-


You've all been so ridiculously patient and wonderful, and today is the big day (slightly behind schedule but making good time)! As of right now, hidden in this website, is the earlybird download page. It's hidden because I couldn't find a way to produce download codes for those of you who got the download as a perk, so I had to sneakily hide it. I'm sending all of you a link in your emails, and if you click on the link, you can download the album for FREE! Woo hoo!

For those of you who have been waiting patiently but didn't buy the download as a perk, just sneak on over to our (still technically active) Indiegogo Page and purchase the download perk, and I'll send the link to you right away!

There are a few more final touches to be done to the packaging for the CDs, but we should be sending them off to the manufacturer this week, and roughly 10 business days after that, we will start sending out your pre-purchased CDs!

Finally, the last piece of big news is that JPJQ Team Portland has booked our CD RELEASE gig (and party)! It's going to be at the beautiful Vie De Boheme Wine Bar on Wednesday, May 4th - the show starts at 8, but be sure to get there early for their "Winesday" tastings! We can't wait!

Thank you for sticking around with us - It's been a long road and we're so glad to be here at last!

Love, Julia

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