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Sometimes, the songs you most need to hear are the ones it's hardest to sing

This is Joyce Pinckney, batik artist, bellydancer, jazz pianist, published author, composer, songwriter, wife, mother, grandmother and professional tough act to follow.

When JPJQ completed our recording session in June, 2015, we thought we were done laying down tracks for our debut album. And then something happened, as things sometimes do.

Joyce (Mom) died on August 13. I got to spend time with her in the hospital, singing songs to her and remembering when she did the same for me.

And I realized the album wasn't at all finished. Sure, I sang her some of the songs on the record. But the ones that I sang again and again that week were some of her favorites, including several that she wrote. I don't know how I missed it before, but I can't call this album completed until we record some of those songs to honor her and remember her legacy. More to come, and I'm sorry that means you'll have to wait a little longer for JPJQ's CD release party!

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