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CD Baby Page is Live!

CD Cover Artwork

Another huge milestone this week! I Want Love is live on CD Baby, and you can download it here!

In other news, as you can see, we've finished the album art - thank you so much to Mark Schoening for making the picture in my head into a publish-able commodity! I'm so lucky to have such amazing people on my team!

This week we uploaded all our files to the CD manufacturer, so our CDs may be rolling off the line even as we speak, in advance of our Album Release Party May 4th.

Speaking of which, team Portland is getting geared up to launch in style, with a gig at Vie De Boheme in Portland - if you know anyone in the area, please send them down! Only $7 Cover for an amazing show with great tunes and special guests!

We also have a great plan in the works for team Vancouver! The BC CD release will be on June 23 at the Fox Cabaret and we've got a fantastic lineup of amazing bands for an awesome night! Stay tuned for further developments!

Thanks for sticking with us - we'll be in touch!

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