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September News!

It's September already!

I can't believe it - August was a fantastic time for JPJQ, and the Fall is looking to be pretty great, too! We've got a few gigs on the books already in Portland, where we're looking forward to building our audience and getting to meet more of Portland's amazing jazz community.

But the biggest news from August is that JPJQ finally found the perfect fit to complete Team Portland on a long term basis:

Alex Margititch

Meet Alexander Margititch!

Alex is another comparatively new Portlander. Born in Santa Rosa, California, he studied composition at Berklee College of Music in Boston before moving to Brooklyn, NY. He and his wife arrived in Portland just a few months ago, so we were able to snag him as our official fourth member before anyone else even knew he was here (mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha)! His playing is wonderful, and his attitude is outstanding - just the kind of person we always want to work with, and we're absolutely thrilled to have him!

JPJQ's Summer Shows

We had a couple of amazing gigs in August: the first was in Gresham at the Center for the Arts Plaza as part of their Music Mondays concert series. It was a gorgeous day and the crowd was fantastic - by the time we actually started the plaza was full - and there were lots of kids dancing and people of all ages singing along!

The new material went over very well... the crowd were excited as they recognized their favorite songs done in JPJQ's "old timey" style, just as we'd hoped!

The next week, we got the opportunity to play at the beautiful Villa Catalana Cellars Winery for their annual "Art in the Garden Party" - playing on a jetty over the pond, in a tiny slice of Tuscany just outside of Oregon City. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself! (The wine was pretty delicious, too - I highly recommend their Pinot Gris if you make it out there!

Coming Soon...

This fall, JPJQ is getting ready for a great triple bill show at the Waypost Bar

in North Portland (3120 N Williams)- The show is going to feature singer/songwriter/fiddler/all around awesome chick Molly Dechenne, JPJQ and secret special guests... stay tuned to find out more, or just show up! It's going to be great!

In October, we're playing and hosting a jam at Loon Neighborhood Bar (2865 SE Division), and we're really looking forward to meeting more of the local jazz scene - so come on down, bring your "axe" and have a great time!

Admission for either of these upcoming gigs is by donation, so come, be generous, and support Portland's Jazz community!

In Other News

I've been working on "branding" - which may explain some of the changes to the look of the website... let me know what you think! I'm also working on getting the record reviewed, and on getting a little more "traffic" on our webpage, Facebook, YouTube etc. So please feel free to leave reviews and comments, as well as "liking" and "subscribing" to anything that seems interesting! I'm doing the best I can to stay on top of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, Google+, and YouTube - help a girl out and "follow" me!

Enjoy the Fall - have a pumpkin flavo(u)red something or other (I suggest skipping the middle man and going straight to the pie!) and we'll be in touch soon!


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