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June is Bustin' Out All Over!

Promo Banner for JPJQ Team Vancouver, Jen Lewin Band and Benton Roark & Co!

We're all so excited about our next gig - at the Fox Cabaret in Vancouver BC! This is going to be an awesome show and I hope everyone we know in Vancouver will be there!

Adam and I are excited to be heading up to Vancouver around June 18th, and visiting with as many of our friends as we can... in between rehearsals and a recording session with Benton Roark, who is promoting his upcoming album "Deep in the Pocket and Still No Change" at this concert.

There will be music to suit pretty much every taste, and lots of great CDs, downloads and other cool merch to buy - the Fox Cabaret will have their ticket site up and running for this event as soon as we finalize the ticket prices, so get yours early - they're cheaper if you get them in advance! (Everybody likes a bargain, right?)

In Other News, CDs are finally shipping!

We've started shipping the CDs to our Indiegogo supporters - the ones bound within the US went out this morning, and the ones destined for Canada will go out sometime next week - I'm having to ship them to Canada in bulk as the individual postage cost is ridiculous, and then they will be sent out from there to all of your homes! I hope you're as excited about that as I am!

I also know that there were a few people who sent us contributions by mail and I may not have their shipping information, so if you are one of those people, contact me and I will add your CD to the shipment as soon as I have your address!

And if you didn't buy a CD as part of your perk, but you'd like one (or more!), you can now purchase one from this very website!

Click to order now and pay with PayPal!

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